we offer a professional and friendly dogwalking service in Nelson BC

Do you work all day but your dog needs a walk?

Is you cat alone because you are gone over the wekend?

No problem: Call us and we walk your dog, we look after your cat

We check on dogs/cats at home, walk them or whatever is your need, please let us know!

We offer our service in Nelson BC

Mo-Fr 7:30 am - 4 pm

Pick up and walkig 30 minutes (singlewalking) Can$ 7

Pick up and walking 1 hour (groupwalking) Can$ 10

Pick up and walking 1 hour (singlewalking) Can$ 12

Pick up and walking 2 hours (groupwalking) Can$ 14

Pick up and walking 2 hours (singlewalking) Can$ 20


and our special:

P&P (pet and pee) Check on service in your home 

(10 minutes) Can$ 5


or call us for individual arrangements

all rates are + tax

Call us : 250 777 3097  Kiki             (Nelson Uphill)

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